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It’s been a tiring month, I clocked in extra hours to save some money for a trip but it’s okay because it will all be worth it. I spent the last few days with my good friends and honestly being with my friends and family makes me appreciate life more. I won’t trade what I have now for what I used to have in the past because it is what it is and I am not Barry Allen….. I can’t just run back in time, you know. I have made peace with the fact that people leave. I’m starting to understand that things can only get worst if I allow myself to feel that way and all I can do is to keep learning and move on.

Have a great Chinese New Year!!


Happy New Year!

It’s 2017! As years go by I don’t really feel the ‘new’ in new year and it’s probably because in primary and secondary school new year means a brand new school year whereas in poly we’re still in the same semester as we were before the new year. So it feels like nothing really changed and nothing to really look forward to because you know, same old.

It doesn’t stop me from having my own new year’s resolution, though! 2016 was great, I guess. I made a lot of effort to make sure that things fall in place and ensure that I was happy with what I was doing. There are some things that are inevitable and the significant difference that I made was that I didn’t allow myself to get affected too much. The most important thing that I’ve learnt in 2016 is that things are going to happen if you take action and allow it to happen.

So I guess I’ll share some of my main new year’s resolution this year!

  1. Get back on running! I used to run regularly before I took my Os and once my O levels started I just stopped running because I was really tired after studying all night. After that I kinda just stopped so this year I’m gonna work on my fitness again, I guess. I already started going for short runs already so I hope this lasts!
  2. Pack my own lunch to school. You have no idea how much I can “accidentally” spend more than $10 a day in school. So this will help me save some money and I can also pack myself a healthier lunch hehe
  3. Stop procrastinating!!! I can wake up as early as 6am with intentions to go for a run and end up lying on my bed till 10am. This messes up with my schedule a lot so I really need to work on this lol (who doesn’t procrastinate, right? hahaha)
  4. SAVE MONEY. Note to self: it doesn’t matter if you’re not getting married, if you’re not travelling, if you’re not paying for anything at all….. JUST SAVE SOME MONEY
  5. Read more books. You know, cause my English isn’t that good.
  6. Learn Spanish! I’ve actually started learning some of the basics like greetings and numbers but I still can’t remember them all so by the end of the year I just want to be able to understand the basics or even more.

I think those are the main things that I want to achieve this year. Wish me luck and good luck everyone!!


If Only We Knew

Our decisions are often influenced by the people around us. Out of respect and love for them, we alter our decisions to make the people that we care about happy. Those decisions don’t always make us truly happy though.

Along the way we find ourselves struggling through the decisions we have made in the past. We’ll soon find ourselves blaming everyone for the situation that we’re caught in. We begin to ask ourselves if we hadn’t made the decisions that led us where we are right now, could we have made a difference?

If only we knew, if only we knew.


JB Trip!

About four days ago I went to Johor with Raudhah. Initially we had no plans besides shopping but I saw a post about nice cafes around the area so I decided to Google for more. So we were quite excited because we knew what we were going to do once we arrive in JB.

We went on a Wednesday so we didn’t expect a crowd but guess what??? We were stuck in JB immigration for one hour T_T It was quite bad especially after we found out that people didn’t queue up properly and there was this uncle who macam sardine potong line. I also heard this aunty saying “oh we were supposed to queue according to the counter number”. I was like ????? you mean you didn’t know that???? It felt really bad because the queue next to us were really fast and we saw people who came before us got out first!!! Ok, let’s skip to the fun part.

#1 Koone
30, Jalan Dhoby, Bandar Johor Bahru, 80000 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia

What we got:
Hokaido Matcha, RM15 [comes with mochi balls, coconut flakes and cornflakes]
Dark Chocolate, RM11 [comes with cornflakes]

The shop were really pretty it was all pink I love it *.* The ice-cream were really good as well!! The Hokaido Matcha tastes like the Green Tea frap from Starbucks and if you love matcha I think you will enjoy it.


#2 Hiap Joo Bakery & Biscuit Factory
13, Jalan Tan Hiok Nee, Bandar Johor Bahru, 80000 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia

What we got:
Banana Bread, RM5++ [small] / RM9++ [big]

Raudhah suggested this place because she had the banana bread before and said that it was really good. The cakes were all fresh from the oven. We really didn’t bother to find out about the other things that they sell because our main intention was to get the banana bread. I believe that everything else would be just as good too because the banana bread was AMAZEBALLS.

We kinda got lost while finding the bakery so I took pictures with the mural that we found along the way.



I really wanted to go to this cafe called Shakespeare [9, Jalan Trus, Bandar Johor Bahru, 80000 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia] but it was closed. So we headed back to City Square and had lunch/dinner at Seoul Garden.

We just walked around the mall afterwards and of course we had to deal with the crowd at the bus terminal on the way home. There were more cafes around the area so I would probably visit the other cafes the next time we are in JB. It’s literally just across City Square so you should definitely check it out!!!


Dreams and Contentment

I have always struggled with wanting more than what I already have. Some people see it as being ungrateful, but is it really? We often hear people say “well you should be grateful, some people struggle everyday to get the basics.”

Am I not aware of that? Of course I am, and I am very grateful for what I have. Imagine telling the unfortunate ones to be grateful for the rice that they have and not dream about having vegetables or meat. I believe that they are grateful for that plate of rice that they have but I believe, they too, dream of having a nice complete meal someday. So is it wrong to want more for ourselves?

I am happy with my life, but I always aspire to be better. I think it’s almost impossible to be fully content with what we have because once we achieve a goal we’re always looking forward to achieving our next. It’s difficult to achieve a goal while feeling miserable about your life, so get on your feet and find contentment in what you already have.

Achieving contentment is not always easy, but I believe that it’s all in the mind. Love yourself and stop comparing yourself to the people around you. One important thing that I’ve learnt is to always, always, always be grateful for what I already have but never stop dreaming of achieving something greater. It’s not wrong to want something more, but never let greed come in your way.