If Only We Knew

Our decisions are often influenced by the people around us. Out of respect and love for them, we alter our decisions to make the people that we care about happy. Those decisions don't always make us truly happy though. Along the way we find ourselves struggling through the decisions we have made in the past. We'll... Continue Reading →


JB Trip!

About four days ago I went to Johor with Raudhah. Initially we had no plans besides shopping but I saw a post about nice cafes around the area so I decided to Google for more. So we were quite excited because we knew what we were going to do once we arrive in JB. We went... Continue Reading →

Dreams and Contentment

I have always struggled with wanting more than what I already have. Some people see it as being ungrateful, but is it really? We often hear people say "well you should be grateful, some people struggle everyday to get the basics." Am I not aware of that? Of course I am, and I am very... Continue Reading →

What’s Worth

Have you ever felt disappointed that the person you thought will be there for you is never really there for you? It's like you're always a phone call away and you would always pick them over anyone or anything else but they hardly ever do the same for you. I've been thinking about it a... Continue Reading →

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