2017-04-14 20.16.40

Intern has been really tiring. I hate the routine and honestly, I don’t think that the job is for me. I have to do it anyway or I’ll have to spend another semester in school. Coming into week 6 now, so I still have 18 more weeks to go. I know that it’s not going to get easier but I hope I’ll get used to it by week 12. I am already getting used to things now, kind of.

Anyway, I went to Artbox last Friday and it was not worth the trip at all. The crowd was mad but we did try to get in anyways. We only got ourselves mini pancakes because that’s the corner stall and we could tell where the queue was. The other parts of the booths were jam packed that we couldn’t tell if people were actually queuing or trying to walk out. Before leaving, I managed to queue up at a Thai milk tea stall and Rau got her some dragon’s breath.

I don’t know if people would have better luck this weekend since I’ve seen many bad reviews regarding the event. So maybe if you try to go this weekend the crowd won’t be as crazy as last week. I went to Artbox to take artsy fartsy pictures and get myself Kane Mochi but I couldn’t even see the shops and what they had to offer. Ok I know I can get Kane Mochi at the mall but you know, it was still disappointing overall. We ended up people watching under Helix Bridge, hahahaha.

Have a good week everyone!



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