Happy New Year!

It’s 2017! As years go by I don’t really feel the ‘new’ in new year and it’s probably because in primary and secondary school new year means a brand new school year whereas in poly we’re still in the same semester as we were before the new year. So it feels like nothing really changed and nothing to really look forward to because you know, same old.

It doesn’t stop me from having my own new year’s resolution, though! 2016 was great, I guess. I made a lot of effort to make sure that things fall in place and ensure that I was happy with what I was doing. There are some things that are inevitable and the significant difference that I made was that I didn’t allow myself to get affected too much. The most important thing that I’ve learnt in 2016 is that things are going to happen if you take action and allow it to happen.

So I guess I’ll share some of my main new year’s resolution this year!

  1. Get back on running! I used to run regularly before I took my Os and once my O levels started I just stopped running because I was really tired after studying all night. After that I kinda just stopped so this year I’m gonna work on my fitness again, I guess. I already started going for short runs already so I hope this lasts!
  2. Pack my own lunch to school. You have no idea how much I can “accidentally” spend more than $10 a day in school. So this will help me save some money and I can also pack myself a healthier lunch hehe
  3. Stop procrastinating!!! I can wake up as early as 6am with intentions to go for a run and end up lying on my bed till 10am. This messes up with my schedule a lot so I really need to work on this lol (who doesn’t procrastinate, right? hahaha)
  4. SAVE MONEY. Note to self: it doesn’t matter if you’re not getting married, if you’re not travelling, if you’re not paying for anything at all….. JUST SAVE SOME MONEY
  5. Read more books. You know, cause my English isn’t that good.
  6. Learn Spanish! I’ve actually started learning some of the basics like greetings and numbers but I still can’t remember them all so by the end of the year I just want to be able to understand the basics or even more.

I think those are the main things that I want to achieve this year. Wish me luck and good luck everyone!!



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