Dreams and Contentment

I have always struggled with wanting more than what I already have. Some people see it as being ungrateful, but is it really? We often hear people say “well you should be grateful, some people struggle everyday to get the basics.”

Am I not aware of that? Of course I am, and I am very grateful for what I have. Imagine telling the unfortunate ones to be grateful for the rice that they have and not dream about having vegetables or meat. I believe that they are grateful for that plate of rice that they have but I believe, they too, dream of having a nice complete meal someday. So is it wrong to want more for ourselves?

I am happy with my life, but I always aspire to be better. I think it’s almost impossible to be fully content with what we have because once we achieve a goal we’re always looking forward to achieving our next. It’s difficult to achieve a goal while feeling miserable about your life, so get on your feet and find contentment in what you already have.

Achieving contentment is not always easy, but I believe that it’s all in the mind. Love yourself and stop comparing yourself to the people around you. One important thing that I’ve learnt is to always, always, always be grateful for what I already have but never stop dreaming of achieving something greater. It’s not wrong to want something more, but never let greed come in your way.



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