What’s Worth

Have you ever felt disappointed that the person you thought will be there for you is never really there for you? It’s like you’re always a phone call away and you would always pick them over anyone or anything else but they hardly ever do the same for you. I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately; about how I have pushed other people away for someone who doesn’t see me as their priority.

It’s really sad because I’d always pick you over other people every fucking time. I guess I wanted you to be my constant and I hoped for too much but lately, it’s clear that everything we say about the future; how we’d be there for each other many years down the road are merely words.

I also find it pathetic how you put the blame on everything else, talking about how we’re getting occupied with our own life when the truth is I’m not important enough. I’m not worth an hour of your day.

For fuck’s sake, I’m not even asking anyone to put aside everything else just to make time for me. I mean, I do get busy too and I understand how difficult it can be sometimes but I just need to see that you’re at least trying. I could be rushing from one place to another and all I would think about is how I could possibly fit in some time to spend with you and all you can do is blame life.

The question now is not whether or not I am worth your time,
but are you worth my time? Are you even worth it?



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