Grad trip: Phuket!

I have come to the end of my polytechnic journey ya'll!!! So I went to Phuket with my first ever group of friends in poly the same week we ended our finals. We didn't plan much for the trip until 2 days before the trip itself...we basically booked a flight and our accommodation about a... Continue Reading →



It feels just like yesterday when I made my last new year's post?! 'Another year, another existential crisis' they say. Initially, I was planning on reviewing my resolutions in 2017 but on second thought what's the point... it's a new year so here's another set of new resolutions! No, I'm just kidding I'm not gonna... Continue Reading →

August Update

Last weekend I had breakfast at Brothers in Fine Food, located at level 2 of Tampines West CC. The food were great and I finally managed to catch up with Fahmi. August is coming to an end and tomorrow is my last day of internship, finally! Not really that exciting because I am actually extending... Continue Reading →


Intern has been really tiring. I hate the routine and honestly, I don't think that the job is for me. I have to do it anyway or I'll have to spend another semester in school. Coming into week 6 now, so I still have 18 more weeks to go. I know that it's not going to... Continue Reading →

Happy birthday, dear self

I officially turned 20 on the 5th of April!! I wasn't looking forward to the day, you know because 20 sounds like a big number and I want to be a teenager forever. I think one of my many wishes includes being immortal, to stay young and live forever. What I wish for myself is... Continue Reading →

Bali 2017

Places we visited: Kuta Beach - Beachwalk Mall, Discovery Mall, rented a motorcycle from our hotel @ Rp80.000 per 24hrs Tanah Lot Waterbom Bali - we spent a few USD lesser than actual price because one of the rides was closed Watersports @ Tanjung Benoa - We spent USD90 on watersports Ubud - street shopping... Continue Reading →


It's been a tiring month, I clocked in extra hours to save some money for a trip but it's okay because it will all be worth it. I spent the last few days with my good friends and honestly being with my friends and family makes me appreciate life more. I won't trade what I... Continue Reading →

Happy New Year!

It's 2017! As years go by I don't really feel the 'new' in new year and it's probably because in primary and secondary school new year means a brand new school year whereas in poly we're still in the same semester as we were before the new year. So it feels like nothing really changed and... Continue Reading →

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