It feels just like yesterday when I made my last new year's post?! 'Another year, another existential crisis' they say. Initially, I was planning on reviewing my resolutions in 2017 but on second thought what's the point... it's a new year so here's another set of new resolutions! No, I'm just kidding I'm not gonna... Continue Reading →


August Update

Last weekend I had breakfast at Brothers in Fine Food, located at level 2 of Tampines West CC. The food were great and I finally managed to catch up with Fahmi. August is coming to an end and tomorrow is my last day of internship, finally! Not really that exciting because I am actually extending... Continue Reading →


Intern has been really tiring. I hate the routine and honestly, I don't think that the job is for me. I have to do it anyway or I'll have to spend another semester in school. Coming into week 6 now, so I still have 18 more weeks to go. I know that it's not going to... Continue Reading →

Happy birthday, dear self

I officially turned 20 on the 5th of April!! I wasn't looking forward to the day, you know because 20 sounds like a big number and I want to be a teenager forever. I think one of my many wishes includes being immortal, to stay young and live forever. What I wish for myself is... Continue Reading →

Bali 2017

Places we visited: Kuta Beach - Beachwalk Mall, Discovery Mall, rented a motorcycle from our hotel @ Rp80.000 per 24hrs Tanah Lot Waterbom Bali - we spent a few USD lesser than actual price because one of the rides was closed Watersports @ Tanjung Benoa - We spent USD90 on watersports Ubud - street shopping... Continue Reading →


It's been a tiring month, I clocked in extra hours to save some money for a trip but it's okay because it will all be worth it. I spent the last few days with my good friends and honestly being with my friends and family makes me appreciate life more. I won't trade what I... Continue Reading →

Happy New Year!

It's 2017! As years go by I don't really feel the 'new' in new year and it's probably because in primary and secondary school new year means a brand new school year whereas in poly we're still in the same semester as we were before the new year. So it feels like nothing really changed and... Continue Reading →

If Only We Knew

Our decisions are often influenced by the people around us. Out of respect and love for them, we alter our decisions to make the people that we care about happy. Those decisions don't always make us truly happy though. Along the way we find ourselves struggling through the decisions we have made in the past. We'll... Continue Reading →

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