August Update

Last weekend I had breakfast at Brothers in Fine Food, located at level 2 of Tampines West CC. The food were great and I finally managed to catch up with Fahmi.

August is coming to an end and tomorrow is my last day of internship, finally! Not really that exciting because I am actually extending and signing a part time contract with them for about another two weeks. I’ll be going on a holiday for about three weeks so I thought I should probably earn some money to spare so that once I am back in Singapore I wouldn’t be so broke…. Plus the part time pay is way more than what I earned at a yoghurt shop. Since I am already used to the office job, what’s another two weeks right?

I’m still pretty excited to finally leave the company because the job is mentally and emotionally draining. I definitely deserve a good holiday after this.

There are many things bothering me lately but I don’t feel like I should say it because I probably would sound petty. One thing for sure is that I miss my old life and I’m not very keen in being an adult. I can’t say that I have that many responsibilities, at least not yet, but just the thought of it makes me crazy.

Once internship ends, I have another semester in school and it’ll be my very last semester. I’ve been thinking about what I’m gonna do after graduation and I’ve been telling myself that I should just go on and take a degree. I haven’t fully figure out my life yet, I know that it’s normal to not have things figured out but I feel like going to uni is way simpler than going to work. I’m basically skipping another 2-3 years of being an adult and having real responsibilities.

On the other hand, I have people telling me that it’s better to work full-time and study part-time because it’ll be easier to get a job and yada..yada..yada… Which I agree because I also believe that a degree doesn’t always get you a good job and it’s the work experiences that matter.

I really don’t know what to do? I just want my last semester in school to last forever, or at least just a little longer.





2017-04-14 20.16.40

Intern has been really tiring. I hate the routine and honestly, I don’t think that the job is for me. I have to do it anyway or I’ll have to spend another semester in school. Coming into week 6 now, so I still have 18 more weeks to go. I know that it’s not going to get easier but I hope I’ll get used to it by week 12. I am already getting used to things now, kind of.

Anyway, I went to Artbox last Friday and it was not worth the trip at all. The crowd was mad but we did try to get in anyways. We only got ourselves mini pancakes because that’s the corner stall and we could tell where the queue was. The other parts of the booths were jam packed that we couldn’t tell if people were actually queuing or trying to walk out. Before leaving, I managed to queue up at a Thai milk tea stall and Rau got her some dragon’s breath.

I don’t know if people would have better luck this weekend since I’ve seen many bad reviews regarding the event. So maybe if you try to go this weekend the crowd won’t be as crazy as last week. I went to Artbox to take artsy fartsy pictures and get myself Kane Mochi but I couldn’t even see the shops and what they had to offer. Ok I know I can get Kane Mochi at the mall but you know, it was still disappointing overall. We ended up people watching under Helix Bridge, hahahaha.

Have a good week everyone!


Happy birthday, dear self


I officially turned 20 on the 5th of April!! I wasn’t looking forward to the day, you know because 20 sounds like a big number and I want to be a teenager forever. I think one of my many wishes includes being immortal, to stay young and live forever.

What I wish for myself is to stay strong and keep going no matter what hurdle comes my way. May God grant me strength, wealth and unconditional love from the people around me.

Just wanna thank the people who surprised me and sent me wishes!! May I be young forever, hahahaha.


Bali 2017

2017-04-19 10.18.512017-04-19 10.19.502017-04-19 10.21.072017-04-19 10.22.072017-04-19 10.23.142017-04-19 10.23.542017-04-19 10.24.472017-04-19 10.25.592017-04-19 10.26.392017-04-19 10.27.142017-04-19 10.27.562017-04-19 10.28.332017-04-19 10.29.132017-04-19 10.30.572017-04-19 10.31.362017-04-19 10.32.412017-04-19 10.33.242017-04-19 10.34.10

Places we visited:

Kuta Beach – Beachwalk Mall, Discovery Mall, rented a motorcycle from our hotel @ Rp80.000 per 24hrs
Tanah Lot
Waterbom Bali – we spent a few USD lesser than actual price because one of the rides was closed
Watersports @ Tanjung Benoa – We spent USD90 on watersports
Ubud – street shopping

I think I really suck at this because I can’t recall what we did exactly… Hahahha i’m sorry but I really had a good time in Bali. To many more trips!!!